[lab_heading title=”What is the FRED trial about?”]FRED stands for Flexibly Responsive Energy Delivery. We want to develop new, flexible ways of managing energy consumption. This trial will focus on how your zappi or eddi can help make energy use even more efficient. We’re looking for a select group of myenergi customers to take part. If you like the sound of it, click ‘I want to take part?’ on the button to see if you’re eligible.[/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”Why have I been invited?”]You have a zappi and/or eddi – you’re already enjoying putting your energy to more efficient use, whether that’s to charge your EV or heat rooms or water. As more people start to choose electric cars and heat pumps over petrol cars and gas boilers, demand for electricity will continue to grow – it’ll become increasingly important to use electricity as efficiently as possible. The FRED trial is designed to learn more about how we can better manage electricity supply and demand. Here are some examples of opportunities to make electricity consumption more efficient:
• Today, electric vehicles are generally plugged in to charge for longer than is needed.
• Heat pumps can be designed to work out when they need to ‘kick in’ to keep temperatures in a comfortable range.
• Domestic solar panels could provide extra energy to the grid when there are sudden surges in electricity demand.
As the UK embraces more renewable energy sources, energy supply will rely increasingly on the ever-unpredictable British weather. When the sun shines and the wind blows, grid electricity will be cheap and clean. But on a calm, grey winter’s day when we can’t rely on renewable sources, the same amount of electricity might cost many times more to produce and distribute.[/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”What is in it for me?”]If you are selected to take part in the trial, you will be able to:
• Enhance your existing zappi or eddi technology with a myenergi hub which enables you to see your data via a new myenergi app.
• Learn more about your energy consumption via the new myenergi app: set schedules, start boosts, switch modes, and see live and historic energy consumption data at a glance.
• Be part of a small group of pioneers helping us learn how to better balance the UK’s electricity needs to enable a future world of renewable energy.
• Receive incentives for taking part in research about your experiences on the trial.[/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”What will we be doing?”]We will be looking at when and how you use electricity (via your zappi or eddi) to find opportunities to flex your energy supply. to reduce pressure on the grid. Some of the ways we might use your zappis and eddis include:
• Slowing EV charge rates in response to surges in national electricity demand or dips in supply.
• Diverting surplus grid energy to storage heaters.
• Looking for ways to reduce load at peak periods.
• Scheduling overnight charging – supplying energy is more efficient if it is more predictable.[/lab_heading]