We’re Looking for Warrington based Businesses to Join our Energy Savers Club

Warrington City Council have teamed up with Pure LeapFrog , a community energy organisation and Warrington business groups to work on a  government backed initiative called the Energy Savers Club.

This initiative aims to help UK businesses improve their energy efficiency whilst reducing their carbon emissions through the use of smart technology. 

Helping to Build the Carbon Neutral Communities of Tomorrow!

Join Energy Savers Club, Warrington

New Members Gained
Total cashback to be received by members
Tonnes of carbon savings, reducing annual emissions
Local Renewable Energy

If I join, what are the Rewards?

Group 5304
Cheaper, locally sourced energy

We match members to solar and wind generators within the community, making substantial savings for our members by buying less from the national energy markets.

Energy Management Dashboard

We provide all our members with access to their very own Energy Management Dashboard, tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Cashback on Bills SSSSSSSSSSSSS

We reward our members for their energy saving actions by giving them cashback for using less energy during peak times of the day.

Group 5305
Solar, battery, smart heating funding

As part of this initiative, we work with trusted partners to provide support for any installation costs including: solar panels, batteries, smart heating controls and MORE.

Join Today and Help Build the Zero Carbon Communities of Tomorrow!