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Improvements in Energy efficiency could save SMEs £2.7 billion a year by 2030 – Green Alliance, 2020

About Us

Creating Zero Carbon Communities

The Energy Savers Club is a free-to-join, community based, carbon reduction club that encourages UK businesses to undertake carbon reduction initiatives by rewarding them for their energy saving actions. Your membership will help build Zero Carbon Communities of tomorrow.

Membership Rewards

Cashback for using less energy

We give our members cashback for using less energy during carbon intensive periods of the day and shifting to periods when renewable generation is available.

Cheaper energy from local solar and wind farms

We match members to solar and wind generators within the community, making substantial savings for our members by buying less from the national energy markets.

Funding for solar, battery and smart heating controls

As part of this initiative, we work with trusted partners to provide support for any installation costs including: solar panels, batteries, smart heating controls and MORE.

Energy Efficiency Audit

We offer all new members a FREE energy efficiency audit, so we can identify the best energy saving tips along with a report suggesting actions your business could benefit from.

Energy Management Dashboard

After signing up to the club you will be given access to a Dashboard which provides easy-to-follow insights on your energy usage & costs with the ability to track the outcomes of your actions.

Carbon Emission Reporting

There will be an initial assessment of your carbon emissions followed by an action plan with carbon targets. We then monitor emissions to help your business progress to Net Zero.

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Join Today and Help Build the Zero Carbon Communities of Tomorrow!