Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01

    If It's Free, What’s The Catch?

    This service is free to all new club members for 1 year. The club member is not required to submit any bank account details when joining and all cost savings measures are delivered free of charge. However, a performance (%) fee will be charged to customers who receive cash back on their bills through this service. This means we only make money if the club member makes money.

  • 02

    What Happens at the End of my Subscription?

    A member of the Energy Savers Club team will get in contact regarding if you’d like to carry on the service. Some features of the service might now be at a cost and some might still be free, depending on the club members requirements.

  • 03

    Can I leave the Club after I’ve Joined?

    You can leave the club whenever you want, free of charge. Any energy data and contact information will be removed from our system.

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    What Information do I have to Submit to Become a Member?

    For you to reap the rewards of becoming a member, you must provide the Energy Savers Club with the following information.

    Basic contact information: This can be submitted in the “I want to join page”. A member of the team will then be in touch.
    A copy of a recent electricity bill: This allows us to work out which type of energy meter you’re on based on your MPAN number. This is important when it comes to setting up your energy management dashboard. The bill also provides us with important information such as your official business name and energy cost.
    A signed Letter of Authority (LOA): A signed Letter of Authority is a standard practise in the energy industry. An LOA is a document that gives authority to another organisation to obtain your energy information. By providing the Energy Savers Club with this information we can investigate how you can save money and increase energy efficiency. This information is then provided to the customer through their energy management dashboard.

  • 05

    What Will be Done With my Data Once I Join?

    Your data will be kept completely confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

  • 06

    Will Joining the Club Affect my Current Energy Contract?

    No, joining the club will have no impact on your current energy contract! However, to unlock the full benefits of the club, switching your energy contract is required.

  • 07

    Am I obligated to Use the Energy Savers Club Service ?

    No, the club member has no obligation to use any of the services offered once they become a member of the club. However, feedback is encouraged from members as it helps us to improve our service.

  • 08

    Do I Have to Take Part in any Research Activity?

    Participation is completely optional, if you do sign up to take part in the research, we might ask you to complete quick questionnaires to offer your feedback on your experiences. You may also be invited to participate in a telephone interview, but this is voluntary, and you will be offered an incentive payment for your time.

  • 09

    Where Do I go if Something Goes Wrong?

    If you are having issues with the Energy Savers Club or its service, or need help with anything technical you can contact the helpdesk at

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