Did you know, wasted energy is costing UK businesses a total of £60 million in bills each year

Re-shape, Reduce, Reward

Creating Carbon Neutral Communities

Energy Savers Club is RE-SHAPING the way in which businesses receive energy services. Your membership will help us to build Carbon Neutral Communities, which will not only save you money but the planet too. Together, we can transform the current energy system by improving energy efficiency and locally sourcing renewable energy.

The current energy brokerage market is designed to treat energy as a commodity, meaning the more energy you use, the more money they make. Our service is designed around transparency, allowing our members to easily REDUCE their energy usage, cost and carbon.

Join Today and Help Build the Carbon Neutral Communities of Tomorrow!

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Rewarding Businesses for their Energy Saving Actions.

We REWARD our members for their energy saving actions because we believe that our members can help make a difference. We achieve this by optimising your energy use and matching it with local and renewable generators.

Energy Savers Club has teamed up with business groups, local authorities and community organisations to provide groups of businesses with the tools they need to reach Net-Zero. It’s free to join, with no contractual ties or cancellation fees and is even backed by the UK Government!

Membership Rewards

To help our members save energy, we offer a variety of rewards:

Cashback for using less energy

Greater energy use = greater Co2 output and therefore, a more expensive energy bill. We give our members cashback for using less energy during peak times of the day.

Cheaper energy from local solar and wind farms

We match members to solar and wind generators within the community, making substantial savings for our members by buying less from the national energy markets.

Funding for solar, battery and smart heating controls

As part of this initiative, we work with trusted partners to provide support for any installation costs including: solar panels, batteries, smart heating controls and MORE.

Site Survey Audit

We offer all our members a free site survey and means we can find you the best assets to be installed

Energy Management Dashboard

You will be given access to a dashboard which visualises everything you need to know about your energy usage.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Our aim to to get you business to achieve Net Zero by reducing all carbon emissions from your energy use.

Access your Energy Management Dashboard

We provide all our members with access to their very own Energy Management Dashboard, tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business. 

Features Include

  • Access to energy usage and billing data in one place for your meters & business sites.
  • Receive ‘quick win’ tips on how to save energy and lower your energy costs
  • View how much cashback you’re due to receive for saving energy
  • Set, monitor & manage your carbon reduction target
  • Monitor any existing devices installed at your business such as heating & air conditioning assets, solar panels and batteries 
  • Daily/weekly energy usage prediction & insights from historical usage
  • Visibility of smart energy tariff to take beneficial actions when the tariff is low
  • Validate your bills with energy bill breakdown & reporting

How Do I Join?

It’s free to join with no cancellation fees or contractual ties and you don’t have to make any changes to your current energy contract. Simply click the “I want to join” button and fill in the basic contact info. Someone from the Energy Savers Club will be in touch shortly!