[lab_heading title=”We’re looking for a small group of EDF ‘Future Heat’ customers so we can hear about your experiences.”][/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”Why have I been invited?”]Soon you’ll have your brand-new heating system installed as part of your ‘Future Heat’ service and officially become one of EDF Energy’s first ‘FutureHeat’ pioneers! We would love to talk to you about your experiences of Future Heat to understand what works well and what you think can be improved. [/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”What is the Future Heat research about?”]We want to understand how we can deliver this service to offer customers a great heating experience whist using as much renewable energy as possible. • Today, electric vehicles are generally plugged in to charge for longer than is needed.
• Heat pumps can be designed to work out when they need to ‘kick in’ to keep temperatures in a comfortable range.
• Domestic solar panels could provide extra energy to the grid when there are sudden surges in electricity demand.
As the UK embraces more renewable energy sources, energy supply will rely increasingly on the ever-unpredictable British weather. When the sun shines and the wind blows, grid electricity will be cheap and clean. But on a calm, grey winter’s day when we can’t rely on renewable sources, the same amount of electricity might cost many times more to produce and distribute.[/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”What will I be asked to do if I take part? “]To hear about your experiences, we will be inviting you to take part in the following research activities.

– A short telephone call, so we can introduce ourselves and find out a little about you, and what attracted you to the service.

– Then we’ll invite you to join our online blog, where you can provide some quick updates over the next 2 or 3 months to tell us how you’re getting on. This could be as simple as posting a comment, a photograph or a short video.

– Once winter 2020/21 is upon us, we’d like to understand how well the system is able to warm your home. To capture this feedback, we’d like to send you three or four short questions up to twice a week for a couple of months, which you can answer using your mobile phone or smart device.
– To end, we’d like to wrap things up with a telephone call to hear about your overall experience and understand how we could make this service even better!
[/lab_heading][lab_heading title=”What will we be doing?”]To better understand your heating experience, we will be teaming up with EDF and Passiv Systems to understand how your smart heating system is choosing to deliver your heating requests. We will combine this information with your ongoing feedback to understand the impact the smart system has on your overall experience. [/lab_heading]