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The ‘How Does It Work’ Blog

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  • Posted by: Daniella Smith
Energy Savers Club has been made to reshape; how your business accesses energy services, reducing; your businesses carbon emissions to achieve Net Zero whilst rewarding; members for their energy-saving actions.

Energy Savers Club: How does it work?

Energy Savers Club aims to best match electricity supply with demand using smart technology. A mismatch of energy supply-and-demand stresses the grid. This makes it difficult for when electricity demand increases due to peak-times. When demand outweighs supply, fossil fuels have to bridge the gap to keep up with customer demand and prices surge. On the other hand, when there is excess solar & wind energy in summer times , the grid can no longer function efficiently and has to turn its assets off. 

Energy Savers Club matches members to solar and wind generators within their community using battery storage and demand optimisation, making substantial savings for our members by buying less from the national energy markets. 

Become a member: How does it work?

To join this club, fill in your basic info and a member of our team will be in touch to progress you to the next step. No obligations, no hidden costs, just cheaper, greener energy. We pride ourselves on being hassle-free, transparent and customer-focused. 

Dashboard: How does it work?

When your membership application has been confirmed you will have access to your Energy Management Dashboard which will help you to better understand your energy bill so you :

a) know what you’re paying for

b) know what to do in order to pay less and

c) make consulted decisions. 

We gather customers energy, contract and billing data which then generates personal insights. The predictions are based on current energy patterns and historical data which is visualised on our dashboard using AI Technologies. 

We advise our members to potentially change their energy usage patterns in order to save money and decarbonise their business. We think visuals are important to go alongside your energy bill, so you have a better understanding and insight into your energy use. This is proven by individuals being better able to spot patterns rather than seeing an abundance of numbers on their bill.

Carbon Neutral Communities: How does it work?

When you join you are helping towards building a carbon-neutral community. The more members in the community, the easier it will be to source larger quantities of local renewable energy. 

As your renewable energy will also be sourced locally, your energy will spend less time travelling through the grid. The less distance your energy travels the fewer resources are used to maintain energy up-keep and transportation, which means less carbon impact.

Any excess energy which your business doesn’t use can be saved in local battery storage to then be used during peak periods when the prices are at their highest. A larger community means larger energy storage and more efficient distribution. We make sure no energy gets left behind. 

Locally Sourced Renewable Energy: How does it work?

Local energy systems are filled with benefits. It works by creating energy maps that highlight particular communities with the nearest renewable energy farm.It means we can better match supply with demand, minimising energy requirements from the national grid and maximising the use of local and low carbon resources.

Local energy systems also deliver your energy services to our members in the most effective and efficient way. Helping to not only reduce system costs and fuel poverty but your bills too. 

Funding for Carbon Reducing Technologies: How does it work?

As part of our service, we provide up to 50% funding for businesses who want to install carbon-reducing technology such as solar panels, batteries, smart heating controls and more. This has been made possible through our collaboration with business groups, local authorities and community organisations. To enquire about this funding, simply select the “Funding for solar, battery, smart heating controls and MORE” under the “Which of these services are you interested in?” on the ‘I want to Join’ page. A member of our team will then be in touch shortly. 

Carbon Emission Reduction: How does it work?

By locally sourcing renewable energy and investing in carbon-reducing technology, your business’s carbon emissions will naturally go down. With our dashboard, you are also able to set, monitor and manage your carbon reduction targets. We will help you every step of the way and even provide you with daily/ weekly tips on how to become more sustainable and efficient with your energy. Your journey to becoming a net-zero business starts as soon as you join

Cashback: How does it work?

Getting cashback on your energy bills has never been so easy. If you source energy through the Energy Savers Club, you can take advantage of negative or low prices and get some money back at the end of the month. At the end of each month, we’ll refund 5-30% of the cost of your monthly energy bill based on your electricity usage patterns.

First of all a competitive fixed price per kWh is agreed on with the member, meaning they will never pay more than the price that has been agreed. So, if you have 1,000 kWh usage each day at a fixed rate of 15 pence per kWh. By being part of the club, you will get an exclusive rate from renewable generators in the community, let’s say an average of 12.5 pence per kWh. This means your cashback for the day will be £25 (£150 – £125).  The average exclusive rate is calculated by adding up the tariff across the day with prices going low (e.g. excess solar or wind) to high ( e.g. 4-7 pm). This means you can only ever spend less than expected, never more. 

The Energy Savers Club takes a small percentage of whatever cashback has been provided to the club member through the club, meaning we only make money if the club member does. This entire process can be monitored through the Energy Management Dashboard to keep complete transparency between the club and its members.                       

We work out your energy usage from the date you sign up to Energy Savers Club, so the quicker you join, the quicker you’ll reap the benefits.

Membership Renewal: How does it work?

Once you join, you will continue to remain a member, unless you specifically ask to remove yourself from the club. You will receive a monthly or annual report detailing your carbon and energy savings.